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Ties (Special combinations) [ONLY HIGH SCHOOLS]

Ties are any type of subjects or combinations that need to be entered in a more individual wayExamples of when to use ties:

Preset choice packages can be entered as ties. e.g.

  Class 1Math; Science; Biology; History

  Class 2: Accounting; Buss Econ; Economic; Typing

How to add a tie:

· Click on the class for which a tie must be added.

· Click on add button and edit the tie in the bottom screen.

How to edit a tie:

In the bottom of the screen, click on any of the columns wanting to change (periods, subjects, teachers etc.) In the leftmost column all the possible options will appear. Double click on the correct option or drag and drop it onto the grid.

Where more than one subjects needs to be added (e.g.: Home Econ. / Woodwork)

- Add the first subject

- Click underneath the first subject.

- From the selection column (right) select the correct subject (e.g. A+C) and either double click on it or drag and drop it underneath the subject in the grid (LLC2).

Add the teachers by clicking in the teacher’s column and the double clicking on the correct teacher.

Remember with ties.

All the teachers must be assigned. If the names do not appear add all the teachers in ‘Teachers workload’.

One combination is one tie.  (If more than one is class combined and then split up to go to several subjects at the same time, it forms a tie.)

Check the total: The total number of periods for each of the classes will appear in the left column next to the class name. If the totals are correct, they will show as single values between brackets.

Key names can be used for complex ties.

Sharing of a subject: If more than one teacher shares a subject, add the subject once for each teacher and then assign a teacher to each one of the subjects.

Add a subject: If a subject does not appear on the list, return to Subjects to add it there.

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