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Movie Input combinations (1.8)





On this screen the locked periods per grade can be allocated. A user can change the names of the locked periods (e.g. Assembly, Sport) in the Locked Period selection box. This is to cater for the individual needs of each school.

If a certain grade does not have the same locked periods as another grade, the required grade is selected, and a choice is then made. In a case where all grades have the same locked periods, the ALL Grades TAB should then be selected.

Please note that when the locked periods are the same for the whole school the information should only be entered under the “All grades” TAB.

To activate a certain locked period, one should go to the desired block on the GRID; click on it, a drop down arrow will appear. Click on the arrows until the correct option has been found or the locked period has been removed. If a day has fewer lessons then click on the top on the arrows and then select the number of lessons that is required. Once finished with the options available on this screen press F3 or the NEXT button located in the bottom right hand corner.

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